Launch of major Northern Ontario rail network: Media Conference August 19, 12 noon

CAPT would like to formally invite you to join us in announcing the formation of the Northern and Eastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN), with the support of Transport Action Ontario, Monday August 19 at 12 noon.  NEORN will be holding a press conference in the vicinity of the Discovery Museum in North Bay and would appreciate your presence and support.
NEORN is composed of various rail advocacy groups throughout Northern and Eastern Ontario, including CAPT, who share the same goal: the restoration and improvement of passenger rail in the region.  Working together we will be better able to identify, articulate and advocate for the passenger rail needs of the citizens in all of our communities.
For more information please take the time to read the press release below.  If you have any questions about NEORN please visit our website or email

Hope to see you there!

Media launch of Northern & Eastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN): Northern and Eastern Ontario need to join global return to rail

Where:                North Bay (in the vicinity of Discovery Museum                             former CPR Station, 100 Ferguson St.)

When:                 August 19, 2013 at 12 noon

You are invited to the media launch of the Northern and Eastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) as part of Transport Action Ontario (TAO). NEORN is composed of groups committed to the improvement and restoration of passenger rail service in Northern and Eastern Ontario.  We believe that being unified through NEORN and connected with TAO, we will be better able to identify, articulate and advocate for the passenger rail needs of the citizens in all of our communities.  

All of the G8 countries, with the exception of Canada, have recognized the contribution rail service makes to their economies and are increasing investments in that infrastructure.  Neglect of rail in Ontario has erected barriers to social and economic opportunity and development while necessitating a substantial over-investment of taxes into road repair and expansion. In a time of concern about rising fuel and road maintenance costs, the need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and the need to provide the transportation infrastructure necessary for economic development, the existence of NEORN will improve our ability give input on passenger rail needs to policy makers.

Please find enclosed a summary of NEORN’s mission and rationale and a list of the groups in the network.

This media launch of NEORN will be held in North Bay due to the urgency of the need to stop the divestiture of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) and to bring back the Northlander train. As we do not have trains to take us to the launch in North Bay, we will be driving there from such places as Sault Ste. Marie, Cochrane, Muskoka, Pembroke and Toronto.

Following the launch, we will be requesting meetings with policy-makers in First Nations, Municipalities, the Ontario and Federal governments to promote NEORN’s vision.

For further information please contact us at  Follow us on Twitter @NEORNetwork or Connect with us at or

Peter Miasek, President, Transport Action Ontario (TAO) 905-477-8636

Marie Price, Interim Co-Chair, NEORN 705-736-2365

Phil Koning, Interim Co-Chair, NEORN 705-752-0160