2 comments on “Resolution to reinstate passenger train service in Northern Ontario

  1. Cathy Fraser-Marmino

    In the early 80’s, there were at least 8 passenger trains, going from North Bay east to Ottawa and beyond, south to Toronto, west to Sudbury and beyond, and north (which has remained intact, thank goodness). We are going backwards, not forwards. The bus service, particularly to Ottawa, our Nation’s capital, is deplorable, and becoming almost obsolete.(sometimes run by a Company, Greyhound, out of its head office, Texas; ONR struggling to justify its service to Ottawa). The mostly two-lane Trans Canada Hwy. 17, to Ottawa is jammed with transports, tankers, because our trucking lobby booted the trains off of the tracks.
    It is puzzling to me, that many countries prioritize passenger train service (public transit) to get private vehicles off of the highways, and to promote co-ordinated tourism destinations. Who wants to drive, when relaxing train service could be so efficient? Build straighter tracks for bullet trains if we have to. I know a little about this, my relative Arthur Reynolds, was in charge of all rolling stock for western Canada for CPR. and he had a futuristic opinion back in the 60’s. Progress re trains creeps very slowly In this country and province.

  2. Dedicated servers

    Requiring and compensating CN Rail to immediately resume scheduled service of the Algoma passenger train to support the social, economic, employment and remote access needs of the First Nations, communities, residents, businesses and socio-economic stakeholders of the Algoma passenger train corridor.

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