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Here’s the public announcement we have been waiting for – now our direction is clear. We need to show Ontario Northland and the Provincial Government that there are passengers in Muskoka and Northeastern Ontario who will take the train, north and south!

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Have a look at Ontario Northland’s President and CEO Corina Moore’s statement in this CTV clip:

URGENT: The Ontario Budget will come out shortly, let your voice be heard!


The Ontario Budget will come out shortly – have

your say before Friday February 8th.


Go to this website and indicate the need for passenger rail service from Toronto to Cochrane,and how it can benefit our residents and tourists.

The PC elected a government that promised $45 Million to reinstate the Ontario Northland train from Toronto to Cochrane – it must be included in this upcoming budget. Please take a moment and reinforce this message.

Amend as necessary to include the ACR
Thanks Lucille